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50 years of


Professor|Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist|RSW, MSW, BSW 


-Individual Counselling: BIPOC|Autism/ Disabilities 
- BIPOC Disability Caregiver Workshops

- Press: Autism| Intellectual Disabilities | Afrocentric Care
-Anti-Black Racism Training & Education
-Anti- Oppression Education
-Equity & Inclusion  Consultations



"My ancestors did not die for me to remain silent"
-Marty Lampkin

Educator. Consultant. Advocate 

In Solidarity,

I Welcome You 

Professor, Registered Social Worker, Disability Lead, Psychotherapist

My name is Marty Lampkin (she/her) and I am settler in Tkoronto on Turtle Island.  I am a Registered Social Worker and Professor who works from from an Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Colonial and Anti-Racist  intersectional lens to support the resilience and self determination of individuals and marginalized communities in our society. ​

My specialization includes counselling, system navigation and complex case coordination to individuals, families and communities living with Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Health, Complex Medical Needs and Justice sector involvement. 

I provide corporate and community agency trainings and educational workshops on Anti- Oppression,  Anti-Racism, Ethics and Power as well Cultural Sensitivity.

As a Professor, I teach Anti-Oppressive Theory & Practice as well as Mental Health & Addictions. In my role as a consultant I provide training, educational workshops and organizational improvement on Anti- Black Racism/ Anti-Oppression and Equity, Inclusion and Diversity. Key note presentations include CAMH, The City of Toronto and the Toronto District School Board.


Service Specializations


Intellectual Disabilities/

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Mental Health Care- BIPOC + Disability Focus 




Anti-Black Racism


Cultural Sensitivity
Equity, Equality & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion ( EDI)


Guest Speaking Engagements/

TV Appearances 

"Self- doubt is a weapon of the colonizer. Resist it at all cost"  - Marty Lampkin

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"Participated in this training with our Leadership team.... thanks Marty for investing in our learning. Highly recommended"

-CEO, Disability Agency Toronto

“Great training. This was my first training on this subject and I think Marty did a fantastic job and not only providing explanations of concepts but relating it back to current events, historical events etc. The use of videos and visual aids was very helpful.”

-PM, Presidents Choice Financial Bank

"Systemic racism is real, if you can't see it, you're operating from a place of privilege. Appreciate highlighting that "colour blind" is not helpful. Appreciate positive & respectful attitude to attendees"

- Director, Developmental Disability Agency Toronto 

 Confronting Social Injustice and Challenging Oppression With Every Breath I Take

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