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Self doubt is a lie of the colonizer, resist it at all cost - Marty Lampkin

Educational Training & 
Speaking Engagements

Facilitated Workshops

Professional Development Educational Trainings & Workshops 


  • Anti-Oppression Theory and Practice

  • Anti-Racism

  • Anti-Black Racism

  • Black Mental Health + Racial Trauma

  • Afrocentric Perspective to Care in Developmental Services

  • Cultural Sensitivity Training 

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Equity, Equality and Social Justice

  • Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Mental Health

  • Complex Case Coordination 

Fee: customized & tailored to client's need (varies based on length, audience)

Anti-Black Racism Training

What is Race? Unpacking an understanding of Anti-Black Racism

This educational workshop will provide you with an Anti-Oppressive lens to unpacking the question " What is race?". It will provide the foundational knowledge and explain the concepts of race and unpack the operations of Anti-Black racism in the fabric of our society. 

You will gain knowledge on these concepts to understand how they apply to fighting towards racial justice and social change. Lastly, the session will discuss the meaning of allyship and the importance of working together towards change for our world. The teaching method will include various reflective exercises, spoken word, visuals and group engagement. The teaching methods will include various reflective exercises, spoken word poetry, visuals and group exercises including reflective engagement. 

Full Trainings available & Lunch n Learns

Counselling & Consultation 

Maximizing your strength to reach your goals

I provide clinical consultations directly to individuals and families including their caregivers. Recommendations and connecting to additional community resources are included.


  • Intellectual Disabilities/ Developmental Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder & Genetic Syndromes

  • Mental Health Service Sector (i.e anxiety, depression, trauma)

  • Health Care Service Sector

  • Cultural Specific Service:  African Caribbean Diaspora and marginalized communities.

  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

  • Passport Funding

  • Developmental Services Ontario

  • Public Guardian and Trustee (OGPT)


Case Conceptualization 

Clinical Planning

Case conceptualization to support clinicians, care providers, agencies and organization to help in navigating challenging dynamics due to complete presenting needs. 

I will provide bio-psycho-social-spiritual case conceptualization, recommendations for system navigation and link to appropriate resources/referrals.


Do not feel "stuck" anymore, an external lens can often help shift the perspective and open up additional options to help support the client's you diligently serve.  

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